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Single Herb Capsule

In our range of herbal capsules, we currently have single herb capsules, which means each type of capsule is made from an individual herb. The herb is processed and packaged in capsule, so that people can easily have it under the guidance of their doctor or physician. The over the counter single herb capsules have zero side effects, therefore, people can also take it to prevent several health conditions. Several immunity boosting capsules in this range are 500mg amla capsules and 500mg tulsi capsules. For stress-bursting solutions, people can rely on 500mg ashwagandha capsules. Sixty capsules/ 500mg are packed in an air-tight plastic bottle.

Amla Capsules

We are actively engrossed in dealing a supreme range of 500mg Amla Capsules. These are used to protect cells against free radical damage. These capsules have anti-inflammatory properties to develop resistant against illnesses. 500mg Amla Capsules nourish tissues and support a healthy metabolism. They can also help in boosting metabolism and effective for diabetics as it helps control blood glucose levels. They contain effective antioxidants to slow down grey hair and strengthens the hair follicle. 

Brahmi Capsules

We are dedicatedly engaged in providing a comprehensive range of 500mg Brahmi Capsules. These contain powerful antioxidants to reduce inflammation and boost brain function. These capsules have anticancer properties to give safe results. 500mg Brahmi Capsules are useful to help you achieve a good night's sleep. They help to calm you down during periods of emotional turbulence and improve your sense of concentration. These capsules are considered to be a brain tonic to relieve anxiety and sharpen the brain by protecting cells.

Garlic Capsules

Our firm is instrumental in providing a wide stock of 500mg Garlic Capsules. These contains antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress in those who have a high blood pressure problem. These capsules are used as an antiseptic to help the body resist form microorganisms. 500mg Garlic Capsules are able to boost the immune system and fight inflammation. They prevent damage from arthritis and colon cancer. They do not cause any side effects by consuming safely on regular basis. 

Ashwagandha Capsules

In order to keep pace with the never ending needs of prestigious clients, we are offering a unique range of 500mg Ashwagandha Capsules. These are helpful to calm brain by reducing swelling and stress. These are made with an ancient medicinal herb to give many benefits in a safer manner. 500mg Ashwagandha Capsules are effective way to improve your health and help fight depression. These capsules are scientifically proven formulas it is produce with pure extracts to ensure a finest quality of capsules. 

Giloy Capsules

We have carved a niche in dealing a comprehensive range of 500mg Giloy Capsules. These are known as an anti-oxidant capsules which acts wonderfully in chronic ailments. They help to boost your immunity to fight against digestive tract. 500mg Giloy Capsules are used for soothing inflamed mucous membrane in digestion. They are very effective in Urinary problems. These are regarded as one of the best capsules to prevent weakness, excellent blood purifier and capable to fight every type of infections in the body. 

Tulsi Capsules

Matching up the never evolving demands of clients, we are presenting a broad range of 500mg Tulsi Capsules. These are known for its superb medicinal properties. These capsules are used to sharpen memory and strengthen the stomach. 500mg Tulsi Capsules helps to prevent cough, boost immune level and considered great for diabetic people in managing blood sugar levels. These capsules are highly recommended for improving stamina and prevents chronic diseases. They act as a natural expectorant for normalization of blood glucose.


Arjun Capsules

500mg Arjun Capsules are broadly used to improve the blood circulation and strengthens the cardiac muscles. These capsules are made with premium quality of ingredients and herbs to give a great result. Moreover, provided capsules are an Ayurveda medicine which comes in a tablet form. 500mg Arjun Capsules helps to reduce stress as well as gives a great relieves from pulmonary congestion. They are available in many packaging sizes at cost effective prices.


Aloe Capsules

500mg Aloe Capsules are produce with natural aloe leaves to cure your body and protect from chronic ailments. These are used to treat digestive problems and indigestion to constipation. Apart from these, presented capsules are safely intake under the prescription of doctor. 500mg Aloe Capsules help the stomach by aiding the process of digestion. They are required for the growth of hair, encourages healthy skin, prevent wrinkles and reduces dental plaque. These may improve weight management by boosting metabolism.


Spirulina Capsules

500mg Spirulina Capsules are enriched with natural herbs to enhance the bodys natural cleansing. These capsules contain spirulina which is safely taken twice a day after meals. Provided capsules are extremely high in nutrients to ensure anti-inflammatory properties. 500mg Spirulina Capsules control blood pressure and boosts the production of white blood cells. They are pack with 60 capsules in a hygienic and safe pill box. They are beneficial to increase strength and improve endurance.


Green Tea Capsules

500mg Green Tea Capsules is formulated with premium quality of ingredients to give best possible results. These capsules provide powerful antioxidant protection which helps to support immune health. Derived from green tea to promote comfort and cardiovascular health. 500mg Green Tea Capsules reduce blood pressure as well as improve blood fat levels. They are made with extreme potent formulation for rejuvenating your body. These are helpful to keep healthy, reduce fat and readily absorb in body without any side effects. 

Daruharidra Capsules

500mg Daruharidra Capsules are extremely beneficial for skin problems like inflammation and psoriasis. These capsules have good antioxidant properties to ensure a good health. Furthermore, provided capsules are highly effective to prevent the growth of acne-causing. Processed with Ayurveda ingredients to treat various health conditions. 500mg Daruharidra Capsules are considered as one of the best medicinal plant, helps to rectify metabolism and skin disorder with itching problem. These act as a wonderful result even in the eye disorder also.




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